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    We have a tradition of excellence in education rooted in a strong commitment to students and learning. Our curricula are developed collaboratively, by teachers and administrators, using the Rigor and Relevance Framework and Understanding by Design. It focuses on state standards, higher level thinking skills, performance-based assessments, integration of technology, and differentiation. We offer a variety of courses, programs, and activities to meet our students’ individual needs and interests.

    Supervisor contact information and details about specific subjects and programs can be found on the specific subject web pages available on the toolbar channels to the left.


    Administrators, supervisors, teachers, and staff members utilize a variety of assessments to provide continuous feedback on student progress and the effectiveness of curricula, resources, and instruction. Our district utilizes LinkIt!, an online assessment system, to benchmark student progress in language arts and mathematics for grades 2-8. The district also uses the state-mandated Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) for grades 3-8 in language arts and mathematics and will utilize the state science assessment in grades 5 and 8. In grade 3, we use InView, a nationally normed assessment, to measure students’ cognitive abilities.



    All professional development is aligned with the district's goals. There are numerous learning opportunities facilitated by supervisors, administrators, district coaches, teachers, outside consultants, and staff members. Staff members work collaboratively and learn from one another through professional learning communities. Staff members can also participate in personalized professional development aimed at reaching the goals of their individualized professional development plans.  Information about professional learning can be found on our professional learning/instruction page.

  • Jodi Pepchinski, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Human Resources

    Renee Bell, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

    Kati Radman, Secretary, Curriculum Office 


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