• 2022-2023 Assessment Schedule 

    Updated Assessment Letter for Parents - This letter provides assessment information and the district assessment schedule for the 2022-2023 school  year. 

    NJSLA Spring 2023

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    Statewide Assessment Testing Schedule 2022-2023

    Students in grades 3-8 will take the state-mandated New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) assessments.  These assessments are required by the state to be administered in the spring of this school year in order to fulfill the federal statewide assessment requirement for the 2022-2023 school year. The results from NJSLA testing are a helpful tool in measuring your child’s annual progress in school, and they are just one of the many ways your child’s teachers and administrators can determine whether he or she is on track to being college and career ready.

    Students in grades 3-8 will take assessments in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics, and students in grades 5 and 8 will also take the science assessment.  The New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) measures your child’s academic progress as correlated with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. For ELA, the assessment in third grade consists of two 75-minute units. In fourth through eighth grades, the assessment consists of three 90-minute units.  Field testing is included in one of the three ELA units, though the district is not notified which unit is counted for field testing purposes. For mathematics, the assessment in third through eighth grades consists of two 60-minute units. Students enrolled in Algebra I or Geometry will take the Algebra I or Geometry assessment in lieu of the mathematics grade level assessment. These assessments will consist of two 90-minute units. For the science assessments for students in fifth and eighth grades, the assessment is approximately 180 minutes. The assessment must be administered over two days. Please also note that student cell phones and communication devices must be off and away during testing;  and accommodations will be provided as per a student’s Individualized Education Program or 504 plan. 

    **If our district is selected for field testing, a third unit of ELA will be added to grades 3-8. The testing window will be adjusted to reflect such. 

    We anticipate that a report of your child’s assessment results will be provided for you in the late summer or fall, pending results are received from the state.

    The TENTATIVE testing window for Manalapan-Englishtown Regional School District students is as follows:

    NJSLA ELA Assessments for Grades 3-8

    May 2nd and May 3rd

    * An additional date may be added if our district is selected by the state to conduct an additional unit in ELA for field testing.

    NJSLA Science Assessments for Grades 5 & 8

    May 4th and May 5th  

    *If an extra unit is needed for ELA, Grade 5 Science testing dates will be adjusted accordingly.

    NJSLA Mathematics Assessments for Grades 3-8

    May 9th - May 11th 

    Testing Makeups 

    Makeups will occur throughout the month of May. The testing window closes June 2nd for Computer Based Testing.

    Paper-based testing must be completed sooner to ensure it is sent back to the vendor by the deadline of May 20th. 

    Start Strong Fall 2022

    Parent/Guardian Letter about Start Strong

    Start Strong Testing Resources for Students, Educators, and Parents/Caregivers

    On June 8, 2022 the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) notified districts that the administration of the Start Strong assessment in the Fall 2022 was required again, per the Statewide Assessment Testing Schedule for 2022-2023. In September 2022, MERS students in grades 4-8 will participate in the Start Strong assessment.  

    The Start Strong assessments:

    • Are based on a subset of prioritized prior-year academic standards;
    • Are available in ELA grades 4-10, Mathematics grades 4-8, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II, and in Science grades 6, 9, and 12;
    • Can be administered in approximately 45-60 minutes;
    • Will provide immediate results to educators through the assessment platform; and
    • Will include the same accessibility features and accommodations as the NJSLA, including forms in Spanish and Text to Speech (TTS).

    The Start Strong assessments utilize three performance levels (“Strong Support May Be Needed”; “Some Support May Be Needed”; and “Less Support May Be Needed”) to aid educators and families in making decisions about the types of support that students may need. The reports will be available to educators immediately after students complete the assessment. The assessments are not meant to replace any preferred assessment strategies being used locally but can be used to complement existing efforts to gather standards-based data (local benchmarks, writing samples, assignments, homework, etc.) at the beginning of the school year. In late fall, districts will also receive paper copies of student ISRs that will need to be distributed to parents.

    Schools will administer the Start Strong assessments to students in grades 4-8 per the following schedule:

    • New Jersey Department of Education - Start Strong Assessment Fall 2022 - English Language Arts
      • Grades 4-8 - September 21, 2022
    • New Jersey Department of Education - Start Strong Assessment Fall 2022 - Mathematics
      • Grades 4-8 - September 22, 2022
    • New Jersey Department of Education - Start Strong Assessment Fall 2022 - Science
      • Grade 6 ONLY - September 23, 2022

    *Makeups will occur from September 28th-September 30th. 

     NJSLA Resource 

    NJ Department of Education Parent Assessment Resources

    The Digital Item Library provides access to released items from the NJSLA ELA and mathematics assessments. Tools available in the library can help search for specific items, or sort items by Evidence Statements or standards. The items are displayed online and allow for users to view and interact with the items in the exact same manner as student test-takers. Additional released items will continue to be added as they become available.