• Social Studies

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    K-5 Philosophy

    The mission of the social studies curriculum is to teach students how to become responsible and contributing citizens and members of our country and members of a global community. In order for students to have a strong foundation of knowledge, students must be aware of their own place in the world as well as interact with an ever-changing society. Students will become a community of learners, yet be accountable for their own personal contributions. Historical events and figures of the past will be introduced as well as an appreciation of the differences that exist among people and places. Students will be active learners and be able to apply the knowledge gained in social studies to other discipline areas as well as the outside world.

    6-8 Philosophy

    The mission of the social studies curriculum is to empower students to develop critical and analytical perspectives of the past. Each student will be able to apply fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate the historical impact of individuals and events on the global world. Students will be provided with contemporary resources and multiple views that promote a thriving learning environment that enables all students to participate as active citizens in their community.


  • Supervisor, K - 5th Grade

    Margaret Scuteri, Supervisor of Science & Social Studies K-5


    Supervisor, 6th - 8th Grade

    Madoc Reid, Assistant Principal, MEMS