• Thank you for your interest in making our technology program more successful!  

    The Technology Committee is happy to review your suggestion!  Please be aware -  No suggestions will be considered without completing the Digital Program Request form; it is also linked on this page. 

    Please note the following before completing the Digital Program Request form: 

    • All suggested programs must be directly related to standards in a district-approved curriculum guide or aide in the district digital processes.
    • All programs need to have been fully vetted by at least one teacher.
    • All programs must be compatible with devices for the suggested grade levels (Chromebooks in grades 3 - 8; Ipads in PreK - 3)
    • If the program has a "free" component, the tech tool still needs to be approved by the Tech Committee, so please complete the request form.


    Even if your suggestion in not accepted immediately, it does not mean that it will not be implemented at the next possible opportunity.  Contract with similar programs may need to fulfilled before implementing a new program.