• Click Here for the: District Approved Digital Programs


    All programs should be accessed through ClassLink.  If you see a program on the above linked list that you would like added to your ClassLink dashboard, please contact IT. 

    If you find a program you would like to use, but it is NOT on the list, please use the Digital Program Request form to seek approval.  Do not use programs that are not approved. 



  • Google Slides

    Collaborate to create a slideshow of talking points complete with links, images, and videos. Can be accessed with or without an Internet connection. 

  • Google Docs

    Learn how to use Google Docs (including Sheets & Forms) more efficiently, at your own pace & for free!  

  • Achieve3000


    Boost student achievement with this instructional tool that allows differentiated instruction for non-fiction reading.  Engage your students with high interest articles that support science and social studies curriculum. 

  • Kaizena

    Provide quick, accurate voice feedback to your students' Google Docs with this free Chrome extension! Just click and record! 

  • Study Island

    Study Island is a data-driven standards mastery solution built from state and national standards to improve student performance through interactive lessons and activities. Study Island’s high-impact, high-value learning programs provide quality academic support, online practice, and real-time assessment data.  Most district teachers and students have access to Study Island for Math and Reading.  


  • tes


    Tes.com (formerly Blendspace) can be used to create a unit of lessons, then share it with students either through a class account or direct link. Students have access to many resources within the unit that allow for asynchronous instruction and personalized learning from any device. 

  • Google Drive

    Learn to organize your Google Drive for maximum efficiency! 

  • FlipGrid

    FlipGrid is a video discussion platform that allows students to record their responses to questions and share with classmates on the grid.  CommonSenseMedia recommends this tool be used in grades 6 and above.  Here are additional tips on how to use FlipGrid


    Here is a brief tutorial for setting up your FlipGrid: FlipGrid - Part One

  • WeVideo

    Make and share videos using your ChromeBooks with this video editing software. A limited number of licenses are available.  Email for details. 

  • MobyMax

    MobyMax is designed to find and fix learning gaps through adaptive, differentiated learning in all K-8 subjects. All MERS' teachers and students have access to this program. 

  • Pear Deck

    Pear Deck is a presentation tool designed to engage your students and provide a method of formative assessment.  Pear Deck works great in conjunction with Google Slides. Here is a Pear Deck resource sheet you may find useful. 

  • Discovery Education

    Discovery Education offers skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, instructional videos, and reference materials for multiple learning styles.  Search for content on their general site or find a teacher's board already populated with resources.  All MERS' teachers have individual accounts.  Please ask if you do not know your login information.  Do not share accounts as it then does not accurately reflect usage.  

  • PowToons

    Grab students' attention by creating lessons with this fun, easy to use animation tool.  There is a free version.