• August 2022

      Dear Parents/Guardians,

      Please note the following Student Health Information:

      UPDATE MEDICAL INFORMATION/EMERGENCY CONTACTS - Please update your child’s medical information and emergency contact numbers each year to ensure the safety of your child.  Be sure to list local people who are available during the school day and will have permission to take your child from school as your emergency contacts.

      IMMUNIZATIONS – All immunizations must be up-to-date by the first day of school or students may be excluded from school. Please send a physician’s verification of any recent inoculations/boosters, etc. to the school nurse. If up-to-date immunization records cannot be provided on the first day of school, please contact your school nurse. If you would like more information on the immunization schedule, please visit the NJDOE website at: https://www.state.nj.us/education/students/safety/health/cdpr/immune.shtml. Please take special note of the following two vaccinations:

      PreK FLU VACCINATION – Flu vaccination is mandatory for all PreK students. Please forward vaccination verification from your doctor to your school nurse no later than December 16, 2022 or students may be excluded from school.

      6th grade TDAP & MENINGOCOCCAL -  Vaccines are required for all entering 6th graders who are 11 years of age or older. If in 6th grade and under age 11, children must receive the vaccines within 2 weeks of their 11th birthday.


      MEDICATION IN SCHOOL – As per state regulations, medication may not be dispensed in school.  However, exceptions may be made when necessary for the child’s welfare.  Please note the following:

      All prescription medication must be in a labeled prescription bottle or container; all over the counter medication must be in its original bottle or container. Both must be accompanied by Doctor’s orders for the current school year and delivered directly to the school nurse.

      The parent/guardian must deliver the medication to the school nurse. Children are not permitted to carry medication to school at any time, unless self administration orders are completed. 

      The school nurse is available regarding concerns related to your child’s health and medications. All Medical Forms may be found on the MERS website: www.mersnj.us. To obtain these forms, please click on the Department tab and scroll down to District Nurses. These forms must be completed annually and given to the school nurse by the first day of school.


      • Height, weight and blood pressure screenings will be conducted annually for each student in Kindergarten through grade eight.
      • Vision Acuity Screenings will be conducted biennially for students in Kindergarten through grade eight.
      • Hearing Acuity Screenings will be conducted annually for students in Kindergarten through grade three, as well as students in grade seven.
      • Scoliosis screenings shall be conducted for students in fifth and seventh grades.  If the student’s private physician will be providing a scoliosis screening, please indicate that in a written request for exemption from the school scoliosis screening. Please provide this request by Monday, October 3, 2022.

      PEDICULUS HUMANUS CAPITIS (Head Lice) – There may be instances of head lice in schools. The following are signs that indicate the presence of lice:  persistent itching of the scalp, the presence of nits (small silvery egg cases attached to individual hairs), and swollen lymph glands in the neck or underarms, which may occur in severe cases.  As parents, please check the scalp of your child frequently.  If you think your child may have lice, contact the school nurse so that she can check students  as needed.  Children returning to school following treatment must be checked by the school nurse to see that the treatment has been successful.

      Have a wonderful school year!


      Kimberly DiMarco

      Supervisor of Special Project