What is WIN?

  • There is a six-day rotation in each of the five elementary schools.  The purpose of this six day schedule is to maximize student time devoted to learning and to minimize interruptions.  

    One of the highlights of this six day schedule is the addition of a “WIN” period.  “WIN” (which stands for “What I Need”) is a time when teachers will be personalizing instruction to further meet the unique needs of each learner in every classroom.  It is a period of reinforcement, support, and/or enrichment.  In understanding the purpose of the WIN period, it is important to know what WIN time is not. WIN time is not “free time” or “study hall”; WIN time is not time for the completion of that night’s homework; and WIN time is not a time for extra “busy” work.  

    WIN time is essential support time for students with Tier 1 intervention plans.  These daily periods of time will be utilized to further support the individual child’s academic growth in identified skill(s).   For students who do not need interventions, this time can be devoted to providing additional time for students to master/reinforce  or enhance/enrich their skills through personalized, targeted learning goals using one of the district’s many web-based programs focused on grade-level or above grade-level standards.  Additionally, the inclusion of this period allows students to be pulled for supplemental services (RTI reading, RTI mathematics, speech, occupational therapy, ELL, etc.) with minimal interruption to core class time. 

    When students are mastering concepts, WIN time then becomes a time for extension, enrichment, and application and synthesis to real life learning.  How can students use the skills they have learned to solve than be implemented to support creativity, ingenuity, and motivation?  The premise behind extension activities can be applied for all learners to pique their interest and to make learning meaningful. You may learn as the year proceeds that your child, during the WIN period, works in a small group with the teacher to reinforce concepts or to be enriched on skills from a previous or future lesson, utilizes technology to support individualized growth plans in a targeted skill.

    We look forward to seeing our students grow and evolve during these personalized periods of time.