• Welcome to the MEMS/Pine Brook Media Center Home Page


    Library Media Specialist------Mrs. Steiner


    You can check on information on "Battle of the Books', the online services we offer, free home access to those online services, websites for research, and our Accelerated Reader book list.  Click on the link you want on the left side of the screen.  Any questions, see Mrs. Steiner in the media center or email her with your questions !


      General Information


      Our computer catalogs are now available for you from any computer! From the district webpage, when you click on 'District Media Centers' on the left navigation bar, it will take you to a new page with a link to any of the district's media centers.  Also, each school's homepage has a similar webpage which can be accessed from the left navigation bar to our catalog.  On Pine Brook's homepage, it will  be listed as 'PB Media Center'.  On MEMS' homepage, it will be listed as 'MEMS Media Center'.  Contact me if you have any questions.

      ****Mrs. Steiner's schedule  for this year is as follows:
    • Monday and Wednesday I am at Pine Brook.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I am at MEMS
    • MEMS library can house several classes at one time
    • MEMS media center also has areas for book selection/research and computer labs
    • many online services for research at MEMS and Pine Brook, which can be also used at home, free of charge
    • remember to have a correctly signed pass when visiting the MEMS media center. Stop at the desk FIRST.  Give your pass to Mrs. Steiner
    • be respectful of other students, teachers, materials. Each student has the right to learn. Responsibility is important. Appropriate behavior is expected
    • MEMS' fire drill exit-- in single file, make a right turn after exiting our main doors. Go directly out the main entrance and straight up by the flag on the green in silence
      Pine Brook fire drill exit--in single file, go straight out Exit door #1 and wait for further directions outside in parking lot in silence
    • 7th grade orientation at MEMS occurs through language arts classes
    • 'Accelerated Reader' Program offered in 7th grade at MEMS 
    • 'Battle of the Books' team reading program offered at MEMS and at Pine Brook. At MEMS, we play 10 to 12 other schools from around the state, for trophies. Awards are given to all participants.  At Pine Brook, we play 2 to 3 other schools from around the state.  Dates of our competitions have yet to be decided.
    • questions? Stop in and speak to Mrs. Steiner.  Have a great year!