• Accordion File Folder
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Highlighters, Pens + Pencils
    • STICKY NOTES + Index Cards
    • Earphones/Headphones


    Class Resources


    Informational Texts



    Progress Monitoring


    • ENTERING THE CLASSROOM:  While waiting to enter the classroom, you are to quietly line up against the lockers in the hallway. When asked to come in,  you are to quietly find your seat and complete the “Do Now” It is your responsibility to copy all HW information and to ask any questions during this time.
    • PREPAREDNESS:  Once class begins, you will not be allowed to go to your locker for supplies or HW.   
    • HOMEWORK AND GRADED ASSIGNMENTS:  Homework is due at the beginning of the period on the due date. Homework that is missing or incomplete at the start of the period on the assigned due date will not receive credit. Projects or essays missing or incomplete at the start of the period on the assigned due date will be docked 10 points for each day late.

    Assignments due electronically must be submitted to Google Classroom by the displayed “Due Time.” Assignments handed in after this time will not receive credit. Assignments due on paper must be printed before class. Assignments not printed before class will be considered missing and will not receive credit. (If you have a problem with your printer, please have a guardian write and sign a note to use the classroom printer.)

    • CHROMEBOOK:  Chromebooks are to be FULLY CHARGED.  Please do not interrupt the class to ask to charge your Chromebook; instead, simply move your seat next to an outlet quietly. 
    • ABSENCES:  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to contact your study buddy to get the materials that you missed. If questions continue, please see me during PBL. If you are absent...

    when work already assigned was due, the assignment is due the day you return.

    when a test/quiz previously assigned is given, you will take the test/quiz the day you return.

     when an assignment is assigned, you must make sure to get all materials for the given assignment. You will have as many days as you were absent to complete the assignment.

    • Vocabulary books, AR reading, Chromebook, and Accordion Folder should go home every night.



        • Passes are absolutely necessary to GO ANYWHERE! (Ex: the bathroom) Do not lose them.
        • If you have a pass to leave the class early, please let me know as soon as you enter the classroom.  
        • If you enter class past the start time, you need to have a pass.  If you do not have a pass and a pass cannot be provided, you will have lunch detention.
    • If you enter homeroom after the bell has rung, you need a late pass from the office.  You will be marked late on Parent Portal which will affect your school attendance record.  


    MLA HEADING: MLA heading is expected to be on EVERY document.  

    Your Name

    Ms. Mancini

    Language Arts Pd #

    7 September 2017

    Original Title

    → Indent and begin!







    Large Graded Assignments

    Small Graded Assignments



    Preparation, Preparedness, Punctuality, + Proper Behavior (The 4 Ps)

    Test, essay, book report + project

    Quiz,  Achieve, AT Discussion, Writing, Classwork

    Ex: Reading, Writing, Vocab…

    Ex: Project +  Points Achieved

    Ex: Coming to class prepared, on time, + with an encouraging attitude

    *Large assignments require a student reflection signed by a guardian*


    • Technology is used to enhance learning, engagement, discovery, and assessment. It is a privilege for members of our learning community and comes with student expectations and responsibility.
    • Students who throw, vandalize, or irresponsibly or purposely break or deconstruct the chromebooks will be sent out of the classroom and miss instruction. Administration will be notified and the privilege to use the chromebook will be revoked.
    • The following acts committed with the use of the Chromebook are not permitted:
      • Document Sharing will not be allowed amongst students unless otherwise instructed  by the teacher. Students who share documents will redo the assignment without notes.
      • Plagiarizing- using the ideas or words of another- will not be tolerated in any means. No credit will be given for any assignment that has been fully or partially plagiarized.
      • Cheating- looking up, stealing, or giving answers- will not be tolerated in any means. No credit will be given for any assignment where cheating has occurred.


      • Treat each person and the teachers in this learning community with RESPECT
      • Use appropriate language and behavior to encourage the group and accelerate learning
      • Be an attentive listener by following directions the FIRST TIME they are given
      • Be accountable and responsible for YOURSELF      

    Welcome to middle school at MEMS! Looking forward to working with you this year