• A Message from Mrs. Orlando and Mrs. Gent

    Clark Mills School is a first through fifth grade school, which houses approximately 540 students. As one of the eight schools that comprise the Manalapan-Englishtown Public School District, Clark Mills School shares a common educational philosophy and district curriculum with each of the other schools. Clark Mills School is committed to providing an outstanding educational program for all students, so that they will be prepared to help lead our country in an ever-changing, global society. This is accomplished through a rich and diverse educational program that includes a literature-based, integrated language arts program, a math curriculum that stresses computational and problem solving skills, a continual emphasis on higher order thinking skills throughout all subject areas, and a Character Education program called “Dragon Dots” that encourages and recognizes students for practicing the tenets of good citizenship.

     The Clark Mills staff delivers a sound instructional program with skill, enthusiasm, and expertise. Through meaningful staff development and grade level Professional Learning Communities, our highly qualified teachers prepare lessons and deliver instruction that meet the unique needs of each child. Clark Mills School is also successful in providing our students with an educational program that is research based, rigorous, and aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning State Standards. In our efforts to provide an all-encompassing, quality education, many curriculum related activities are utilized to help promote high interest and enjoyable learning experiences for our children. The atmosphere at Clark Mills School is one in which learning is a challenging, rewarding, and exciting experience for our students.

    Technology is utilized as an instructional resource for both students and staff at Clark Mills School. SMART Boards, document cameras, ipads, chromebooks and educational websites are used to enhance lessons and to create interactive learning opportunities. In addition, each classroom is equipped with desktop computers, which are connected to the local area network and the Internet. We also have 1-1 chromebooks for our fourth and fifth grade students. Students use computers to conduct research, to enhance their skill in numerous academic areas, and to expand their knowledge base through the use of various educational websites. To be effective in the 21st century, students must be able to create, evaluate and effectively utilize technology.

    A collaborative bond between home and school has been established by parents, teachers, and the administration in order to champion common goals and educational advancements. Our teachers place students at the center of the learning process and the staff regards our 21st century learners as their primary focus. Our parents continuously demonstrate their strong commitment to the instructional programs that students experience on a daily basis. A very active, supportive, and dedicated PTO works closely with the staff and administration to underwrite a wide variety of family-oriented activities, cultural arts programs, and special events for the students. We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic and caring organization within our school community.

    At Clark Mills School, we recognize that we have a responsibility to set challenging goals, design innovative lessons, and engage students in meaningful, relevant instruction. It is through this process that we continue to develop motivated students who understand that, with hard work, determination, and perseverance they have the ability to achieve high levels of success. Through a united effort of staff, parents, and administration, all of our expertise and resources are utilized to provide each child with a first rate education in order to prepare them for the future!

    Clark Mills is an exciting place to learn and grow!  We are looking forward to a fun-filled, successful educational year with our students.  This school year will provide new challenges, and we accept the responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing environment with academic rigor for each and every student! 

    Jayme Orlando                             Jessica Gent

    Principal                                      Assistant Principal