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PB's Green Team Update

February 2020

Dear Pine Brook Families, 

Over the last few years, Pine Brook has made some great additions to our school that focus on the area of sustainability.  From the addition of a green house to our school garden, to the development and execution of lessons focusing on reusing materials considered waste, to our District’s incorporation of a wellness event to start the year, and our facilities incorporation of green cleaning products, Pine Brook continues to investigate ways in which we can support our students in developing a healthier future for themselves. This year our Green Team’s goals will focus on the following:

  • Commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day 
  • Raise awareness of outdoor air quality and its impact on health
  • Reduce the use of plastics at Pine Brook School
  • Enforce policies that maintain a cleaner school environment, including our anti-idling actions, our green cleaning materials, and strong IPM practices. 
  • Conduct a communications survey that ensures our paperless communication method allows for all families to stay aware of district programs and initiatives, as well as information specific to their child’s participation in school activities. 
  • Complete the Sustainable School Application
  • Increase modeling of sustainable practices from staff and all administrators
  • Continue to build on our School Garden by obtaining a tower garden. 

We are excited to share with you updates throughout the remainder of the year regarding our initiatives!


Pine Brook Green Team 2019-2020- Effective January 2020


Julie Szustowicz- Principal

Allison Rogers- Assistant Principal, District Supervisor of Music 

Teresa Capomaggi- Science Teacher, Advisor Young Scientists

Melissa Carroll- Science Teacher, Advisor Young Scientists, Advisor Garden Club

Jillian Watts- Social Studies Teacher

Caitlin Comforti- School Counselor

Christy DeFilippis- Math Teacher

Heather Schleifstein- Special Education Teacher

Meaghan Pellizzari- Science Teacher, Advisor Young Scientists

Urszula Esposito- School Facilities Supervisor

Nicole Korona- Art Teacher

Nicole DiGiso- Language Arts Teacher