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Before/After School Care Information


The Before School Care Program (located at Milford Brook School) is supervised by the Manalapan-Englishtown Regional Schools. All staff will be employees of the district.  For additional information, please refer to the district website at  The Before School Care Program is located at Milford Brook School.  

Click here to download the brochure and registration form. 

HOURS: AM ONLY             7:00 AM – 9:20 AM



  • If the school is closed for inclement weather, there is NO Before Care.  
  • If the school has a delayed opening, then the Before Care Program will open at 9:30 AM.
  • All children will be dropped off at the front entrance of the building.  Please ring the “night” bell. Parents/Guardians must enter the building and sign their children in to Before Care.  The district will, to the best of its ability, attempt to clear the driveway and the walkway to the front entrance before the 9:30 AM opening of the program.
  • If it becomes apparent that the district is unable to meet its obligation to clean the driveway and walkway of snow, the decision to open the Before Care Program will be re-evaluated and, at some point, this procedure might be changed. 


The following information is provided so that you are aware of other Before Care options and After Care options available to you.

The following private schools are within your home school area, and we can provide transportation to and from the John I. Dawes Early Learning Center.  Babysitting requests need to be for 5 consecutive days.  Each child is only assigned one seat on a bus for the morning and afternoon. If you choose this option you must complete the Manalapan Englishtown Regional School District Childcare Request Form.


School Name, Address & Telephone                                         Age Serviced                         Schools Serviced                   

  • ABC Spectrum, 78 Millhurst Rd., (732)446-4747                  PreK & Kindergarten                       ELC & WB
  • Goddard, 22 Wilson Ave., (732)446-5155                            PreK – 2nd                                    TM, CM, MB & ELC
  • Ivy League, 140 Gordons Corner Rd., (732)446-7035           PreK – 5th                                     TM, CM, ELC, MB               
  • Jennifer Palmer, 149 Iron Ore Rd.                                       All Ages                                         MEMS, PB, WB & ELC
  • Manalapan Montessori, 100 Bridge Plaza, (732)536-8181      PreK – 5th                                     MB & ELC               
  • Learning Experience, 65 Rte. 33, (732)462-0015                  PreK - 1st                                      WB & ELC
  • Village Montessori, 203 Taylor Mills Rd., (732)845-4552        PreK - 2nd                                     ELC & LM
  • Kickin It, 337 Iron Ore Rd., (732)446-3636                          PreK - 8th                                      MEMS, PB, WB & ELC
  • Lightbridge Academy, Harmon Mall (732)972-1400               PreK - 3rd                                      ELC, LM & TM
  • Sons of Israel, Gordons Corner Rd., (732)446-3000              PreK - 1st                                      CM, TM & ELC
  • Temple Shaari Emeith, 400 Craig Rd., (732)462-7744           PreK & Kindergarten                       ELC & LM
  • The YMCA of Western Monmouth County has requested and been allotted space to run an independent After Care program in the district. If the YMCA has determined that there are a sufficient number of students in the John I. Dawes Early Learning Center, your children will be escorted to/from the program from/to their classroom to attend their After Care program – if you choose to register them through the YMCA. For information about the YMCA After-Care program, contact (732)462-0464.



  • If school is closed for inclement weather, there is NO Before School Care.
  • If school has an early unscheduled dismissal due to inclement weather, please check with your individual after-care provider for for their procedures.  Please make certain that your child’s school and your child are aware of alternate arrangements for early dismissal.