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Six Day Schedule and Yearly Rotation Calendar 2021-2022


The Manalapan Englishtown Regional Schools

Six Day Schedule

Milford Brook School will be following a Six day Schedule this school year. In the spring of 2018, a decision was made by the administrative team to implement a schedule premised on a six-day rotation in each of the five elementary schools. The purpose of this new schedule is to maximize student time devoted to learning and to minimize interruptions. At the heart of this new schedule is more consistency and predictability, particularly with supplemental services and special subjects.

Below is the information you need to understand the schedule and to help your child be prepared each day for school. 

 What Does A Six-Day Rotation Mean and How Will I Know What Day It Is?

The school will follow a six-day rotation similar to MEMS.  Instead of defining a week as Monday through Friday, staff and students will follow a six day rotation where each day is labeled as A, B, C, D, E, or F (NOTE: This does not mean there are six days of school each week.)  The six letter days cycle throughout the year. It is important to know the letter day for each calendar date, so students are properly prepared for their special subject. 

 For example, instead of physical education being every Wednesday, it might be every “C” day for your child’s class. You will receive your child’s “encore” (or specials) schedule from your child’s teacher on the first days of school.

You will soon become familiar and comfortable keeping track of the cycle, but this information can be found in a variety of places:

  • on the website calendar
  • on the calendar sent home in September

 What does some of the language mean regarding the new schedule?

You may hear your children and teachers talk about the WIN or a “What I Need” time of the day. “WIN” is an abbreviation for the segment of the day which is focused on individualized learning needs. Every class is assigned a “WIN” time which occurs at the same time each day of the six-day cycle. During his critical block of time, no new instruction takes place. This block is when support services, such as speech, occupational therapy, reading intervention, math intervention, and enrichment are scheduled for each class.

Students who do not receive services on a particular “letter” day will remain in the classroom where the teacher will provide reinforcement and/or enrichment at this time.

Please note, that depending upon a child’s individual needs, there may be other times in the day when he or she may need to receive services, but the majority of the students will be scheduled during WIN.

How often will my child have an “encore” or “special” during a six-day rotation?

An “encore” is another name for “specials” (i.e. art, music, physical education, media center, technology, etc.)

“Days” and frequency are no longer defined with a five‐day week (Monday-Friday), but through the six‐day letter rotation (A-F).

Below are the six-day encores (or special subjects) over a six‐day cycle:

Physical Education: 40 minutes 2x per six-day cycle

Art: 40 minutes 1x per six-day cycle

Music: 40 minutes 1x per six-day cycle

Media Center: 40 minutes 1x per six-day cycle

Technology: 40 minutes 1x per twelve-day cycle

Guidance: 40 minutes 1x per twelve-day cycle