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Parent Drop-Off and Parent Pick-Up Procedures 2021-2022

Milford Brook School Drop Off/Pick Up/Tardy Procedures




Our mission in the Manalapan-Englishtown School District is to provide our students with an outstanding education in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.  One important area that falls under the umbrella of school safety is dismissal at the end of the school day.  We have established numerous procedures and precautions to ensure that students are dismissed from school and are delivered home in a safe manner by our transportation department.  In addition, parents who routinely drop off children in the morning or pick their children up early from school compromise our ability to maintain the safety of all of our Milford Brook School students.

Further, as Board of Education Policy states: “…the early dismissal of students is detrimental to the student and the school program in that it: a) shortens the student’s day and disrupts the routine; b) disrupts and distracts from other responsibilities of the school staff; c) creates a safety hazard due to the interference with school bus traffic.”

As a result, we are asking that parents do not drop students off in the morning or pick their children up from school in the afternoon unless it is absolutely necessary.  For those parents who feel that they must transport their children to school at the beginning of the day or home at the end of the day, please follow the procedures below. 

Parent Drop Off Procedures:

1) Cars are to follow the “parent drop-off” signs and drive in a single line to the “drop-off” zone located in the front parking lot. Please do not create a second lane UNLESS told to do so by administration or our security officer, and please do not drive around cars to leave the parking lot.

2) Students are to exit their cars on the right side only when permission is granted by bus duty staff. Students should only be dropped off in the “boxed”/labeled area of the drop-off lane.

3) Please do not release students from the car prior without there being a staff member present to monitor the safety of the children and to assist them with crossing the street.  We will be working to release students from cars quickly and efficiently to maintain a steady flow. 

***If dropping off for a before-school activity which your child was signed up to attend, please do not drop and leave your child without ensuring that he/she has been safely let into the building by the activity advisor. In the event your child is dropped off and the activity is not occurring, you will be called by the office to pick your child up.

4) Cars must then leave the drop-off line immediately to allow the flow of traffic to continue. We anticipate a long drop-off line.

5) If dropping off for a before-school activity, please drop off at the front entrance of school.  Please do not block the crosswalks. 

Students may be dropped off between 9:20 AM and 9:30 AM in the drop off zone.  

Tardy Procedures: After 9:30 AM, please pull up to the front of the school, ring the bell for entrance, and your child will be buzzed in by the Main Office and marked late for the day by the school nurse.  Please make sure your child has safely entered the school before driving away. 

Procedure for Excessive Tardiness

Tardiness is defined as arriving late to school (after 9:30 AM).   

  • At 5th tardy, letter from administration will be sent to parent/guardian and placed in student’s file. 
  • At 10th tardy, a second letter from administration will be sent to parent/guardian and placed in student’s file; and the parent/guardian will be contacted by an administrator.
  • At 10+ tardies, at the discretion of the building administrator, a consequence may be assigned to your child which may include detention.

Parent Pick Up Procedures:

1) Parents/guardians must send a note into school that the teacher will give to the Main Office notifying when they are picking their child up. For parents who pick up their child every day or on a specific day each week, one note will be sufficient for the entire year.  Should this schedule change, however, written notification from the parent will be required.  It will still be important to remind students that they are being picked up from school on any given day. 

2) Please make sure your note has the following information:

    1. Child’s first and last name
    2. Name of child’s teacher
    3. Date of pick-up
    4. The first and last name of the person picking the child up
    5. Signed with first and last name of person writing the note

3) On a “regular” full day of school, end-of-the-day parent pick up will begin at 3:25 PM for a full day of school. On a 4-hour day, parent pickup is at 1:10 PM. Please do not arrive before 3:20 PM on a “regular day” and before 1:05 PM on a 4-hour day. 

**We will not call into classrooms unless the child must leave school early for a reason that warrants the loss of valuable instructional time.

4) Parents who are picking up their children during dismissal times noted above are to form a line at the DESIGNATED BACK DOOR TO THE GYMNASIUM at the back of the building near the dumpsters. School personnel will greet you to monitor sign-out procedures.  Be sure to have a proper ID with you to sign out a student.  Our staff will be checking IDs.  Approved persons picking up will be required to wait outside, and your child will be brought out to you.  We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility.

Please be advised that your child will be sent home on the school bus if no note was received that day, or if we do not have a weekly/daily note on file for the current school year.

In the event you do not pick up your child at dismissal time, the principal or designee will attempt to contact you using the district’s emergency call procedures.  Your child shall be supervised by school staff in the Main Office and will only be released when you or your designee arrives and signs your child out of school. Please ensure that all designees can produce proper identification.

At pick-up time, students will only be released to a parent/guardian or authorized person designated by the parent/guardian.  In cases of divorced or separated parents, the non-custodial parent must have the permission of the custodial parent to pick up the student.

NOTE: Please send a note to the school for any change in a child’s normal dismissal/pickup routine.

Early Dismissal Scenarios

In all cases of early dismissal, please provide written notification to the principal the morning of the scheduled appointment.  In addition to providing a written note, please ensure that you also register your visit to the building in Passage Point.  The purpose of also providing written notification is to provide the teacher with advance notice to help prepare your child with the necessary materials for early dismissal.  

When you arrive to pick up your child for an early dismissal, you will ring the bell and tell our office staff your child’s name and class. Our staff will bring your child out to you. Be sure to have a proper ID with you for pickup of the student. Our staff will be checking IDs.

**Please note that registering for Passage Point is required, but is not to be done as a replacement of a note to the office. The note is still required. 

Thank you for your cooperation.  We know that these procedures will preserve our instructional time and will allow for a safer and more orderly student arrival and dismissal each day.



Melissa Tice