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Parent Teacher Conferences- 12/9 and 12/10-Don't forget to sign up!




Dear Parent/Guardian:


Parent-Teacher Conferences are an important method for supporting student progress and maintaining direct communication. These conferences afford us the opportunity to work together and share information in order to better understand and help your child.


You are cordially invited to attend a conference with your child's classroom teacher on one of the following dates:

Monday, December 9, 2019   (Afternoon/Evening) 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019   (Afternoon)


  • Please note that on Monday, December 9th school is closed for students.  
  • Please note that on Tuesday, December 10th students have a four-hour school day.  ** No lunch will be served on this day. Students should pack a snack.


This year, conference appointments will be scheduled electronically using the Genesis Parent Portal beginning on November 20th when the portal re-opens for this purpose. 


Scheduling Conferences with Classroom Teachers and Special Education Teachers:

  • Conferences with classroom/homeroom teachers will be done via Genesis.
  • Conferences with special education (resource teachers) will be done via Genesis separately from the homeroom teacher.
  • Conferences with special education (in-class support teachers) will take place with the homeroom teacher and do not need to be scheduled separately.
  • Please select a conference date and time from the list of available times for the teacher you wish to conference with per Genesis.  

Scheduling Conferences with Special Subject Teachers and Related Service Providers:
If you desire to conference with the general music teacher, art teacher, physical education teacher, speech teacher, RTI reading teachers, intervention math and reading teachers, and/or instrumental music teachers, please select a conference date and time to meet with that teacher through Genesis. 


Please note that the media specialist, technology teacher, school psychologist, and school counselor will be available for conferences on both December 9th and December 10th. Please email them at their district email address to schedule a conference. 





  • First click on the “CONFERENCE” tab.
    • If you have more than one (1) child, please select each child from the drop down menu for whom you are scheduling the conference for.
  • You will see a “Schedule Conference for Parent Teacher Conferences” link on the Conference tab
  • When you click on the “Schedule Conference for Parent Teacher Conferences” link, you will be presented with a list of your child's teachers and the available conference times.
  • Make sure the calendar is on the week of December 9th to view conference choices for December 9th and 10th. You may need to click through the weeks to get to these different dates.
  • Once a time is selected, you will be brought to the reservation screen for the day that the conference time was scheduled for.
  • Each Color Represents a different Conference Status
    • Green = Available conference
    • Red = Conference is reserved for another student
    • White = Conference you have reserved (and can cancel at any time)
    • Yellow = Conference that conflicts with an already reserved conference time; it is not suggested you select this time.