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Summer Reflex Math Practice

Dear Students and Parents:


Summer is almost here!  It is a time to get outside to play and enjoy time with your family.  However we also want to encourage you to still do math over the summer.  


Here is a link to great fun and simple summer math ideas. .  You will also have access to Reflex Math all summer!   Please try and log on at least 3 times a week. I will be checking on everyone’s progress over the summer.  Any student in grade 2 who is 100% fluent in addition and subtraction will be moved to multiplication and division.  Grade 3 students who are 100% fluent will be moved to multiplication and division 0 - 12 facts. The top student in each grade level with the most amount of minutes on the program will receive a prize.


If you have any Reflex  Math questions over the summer, you can email me at


Enjoy the time off and see you in September.




Mrs. Monica Fiorentino

Math Interventionist