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State Testing at Wemrock Brook

Students across the state in grades 3-5 will be taking the NJSLA-ELA assessment and the NJSLA-M assessment per the following schedule:

ELA: May 1st and 2nd
Math: May 6th, 7th, and 8th
**Grade 5 students will also be taking the NJSLA-S which measures science knowledge on May 20th and May 21st. 

The NJSLA-ELA measures student proficiency with grade level skills, knowledge and concepts that are critical to college and career readiness.  Students will be required to read and analyze passages from authentic texts. The test can also include video or audio. The NJSLA-ELA assessments emphasize the importance of close reading, synthesizing ideas within and across texts, determining the meaning of words and phrases in context and writing at every grade.

The NJSLA-M measures student proficiency with grade or course level skills, knowledge, practices and concepts that are critical to college and career readiness. Students will face a mixture of items assessing content and practice and constructed-response items requiring the application of grade appropriate reasoning and modeling.

If you would like more information regarding these state assessments, please go to the following link for more in-depth information:  

NJ Department of Education: Assessment Information