• The Passage Point Visitor Management System is fully implemented in all of the schools in our district. The system was designed and implemented to provide an additional layer of security for our students and staff.

    During the upcoming school year, 2022-2023, EVERY visit to any of the schools must be registered with the Passage Point System. Failure to register your visit will result in denial of entry into the school.  This system allows the school staff to know in advance who is coming to the schools.  If someone other than a registered parent or guardian is to visit any of the schools (a grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult sibling) the registered parent or guardian must call the school in advance and register the visit for them. 

    The use of the Passage Point Visitor Management System is MANDATORY for all visits to any of the schools for any reason; including but not limited to:

    • Visit with a teacher
    • Dropping off homework, lunch or anything else
    • A meeting with an administrator or other staff member (e.g. IEP meetings)
    • A PTO visit (During school hours)
    • Any other reason you would want to come to the school during school hours.
    • Picking up early from the Main Office (not at parent pickup in the back/side of the school)

    There are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not pre-register your visit, you will not be admitted into the school building, and you will need to wait for an administrator to be called.   

    If you have not yet created a log-in for the system, please follow the instructions found here:

    • Go to the Link to Register Each Visit: CLICK HERE
    • Go to “Create Account” if you have never created an account.
    • Please note that the web interface password is web.
    • If you have previously created an account, proceed by entering your log-in name that you created and password.
    • If you have any issues creating an account in the Passage Point System, please contact the main office.

    We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to keep everyone safe and secure.