• Please keep in mind that this is a general outline of homework. Homework will be given Monday-Thursday. Homework is given to reinforce skills that have been taught in class. Homework assignments are posted daily on our back blackboard. It is the responsibility of each child to copy homework completely and accurately. Therefore, please refer to your child's homework planner for specific information.  

    As mentioned in September (in the homework policy and contract forms), if a student misses a homework assignment he/she will fill out an "Oops Slip". The "Oops Slip" will go home and have to be signed by a parent/guardian. The missing homework assignment and signed "Oops Slip" are due in class the next school day. It is your child's responsibility to complete and bring into school ALL assignments that are due. 

    Children are expected to read "good fit" books and log their reading at least five days a week! Monday-Thursday reading MUST be done. For the fifth day, students can read either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Readers should be reading for at least 30 minutes each night. In addition they are expected to share their thinking about their reading. All reading logs should be SIGNED by a parent and handed in on Monday. If a log is not signed it is considered incomplete. 

    Students should use their Reading Teaching Tools and the Character Rubric when completing character responses for homework. These can be found in the red reading folders. I also uploaded these documents to Reading Google Classroom. 

    Students have list of weekly Word Study homework assignments that can be found in their Word Study notebooks. Additional homework assignments and long term projects will be provided on the Google Classrooms (depending on the subject area-math, social studies,etc.).

    Please be sure to review your child's homework  and completed assignments each night. The homework planner is also a communication tool between home and school, so feel free to write me any notes. Thank you for your cooperation and support in your child's education!