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    Welcome to the Milford Brook Media Center website!
    The Milford Brook library is the heart of the school. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade visit the media center every sixth day with their class. All of our students and teachers are welcome to visit any time a new book is needed! 
    Milford Brook students are proudly in charge of their own library accounts and check their own books out. Students may return their books at any time of the day. Students and parents are encouraged to monitor their accounts and alert Mrs. Reed if a mistake appears. 
    During the year, Mrs. Reed, the media specialist, will ask the students to participate in a school-wide activity. We begin the year with our pumpkin book character. It was a big hit last year and I hope even more students will participate this year. Check out last year's entries on Mrs. Reed's library website.
    Library Fines / Lost and Damaged Books 
    Milford Brook does not charge overdue library fines. However, we ask students to return their books when they have finished reading so others will have an opportunity to enjoy them as well. 
    If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be replaced or paid for. If you are replacing the books, it should be the same exact book (if available.) For example, the same title and same cover ie hardcover to hardcover.